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Dating trends - why dating, why are so many people in search?

Today's form of dating is not the same as 10 years ago. It doesn't matter whether you are a single in the age of 20, 30, 40 or 50, you learn the hard way how difficult it is getting to know a partner for life in our fast moving time. However, at the same time you should wonder how long a today's partnership might last generally and how much you are willing to compromise on maintaining a long-term relationship. For finding a partner more easily and even more quickly but yet effective in your everday stress in these modern times of the internet there is the meeting form "Internet-Dating". However, who thinks that people just want to sign in the internet to experience something exciting and to escape their daily routine, is wrong. The requirements and needs become more higher and more crazy in fact and the desire of something new gets stronger. Certainly. this new form of meeting is still in it's progress and unmatured, however, all needs and every desire is being appealed there.

Starting from chatting, just for the purpose of talking to someone or to establish contact with new people, right up to an affair - everything is possible in our modern time.

In this online dating service comparison you will see that there are many different kinds of single types and you will surely find one which is exactly customized to you. Certainly, internet dating can also have the purpose of building up a solid partnership, however, everyone knows how difficult this can be in today's fastfood world. Men still wish to be the hunter who "bag their prey" and women should not take the role of a Superwoman as in this case men are completely overwhelmed for not knowing how to deal with women of today. The so-called battle of the sexes grows more and more because women get increasingly more right to say, defend themselves and take the initiative. In the world of online dating it is something different as women are not obligatory forced to reveal that they are similar to a Superwoman and so they can make men believe that they are still the hunters catching their prey. In normal kind of dating people were sitting towards each other and didn't know what to tell this somehow strange person in front of them. Today's form of dating is rather Speed-Dating where you meet different people which are exchanged within a few minutes, sitting towards each other and asking all questions important to you so that you are able to realize whether it is the right person or not.

Silent Dating is some kind of non-speaking dating, as in this case both parts say nothing to each other to find out how the sensual level of both of them works.

For non-verbal communication little notes are allowed, this sounds strange and banal, however, this certainly also leads to some charming and exciting moments. Not the perfect case would be, however, if the other person's voice sounds like Mickey Mouse and the other part doesn't fit to you intellectually in any way at all. So-called Casual Dating is a complete other type, in this case the unfulfilled passion is the main purpose. Whether you are single or taken it is the desire for something new, the feeling of strange and naked skin at new and forbidden places or - briefly speaking - when unfulfilled lust and desire become reality. Casual dating does not only mean sexual contact, as any type of relationships can also be formed - however, in advance unfulfilled passion is mutually searched and agreed upon and not searching a solid partner. Both parts (whether single or taken) benefit from this fact obviously: no commitments, few compromises and only winners on both sides. Despite those dating forms mentioned above online dating still is the main type of meeting someone. Everybody gets excited when coming home and reading in their email account "You got Mail". Entering a literally other world in which you can feel completely free and without any shame and so escaping the daily routine and singleness. All these dating trends have one thing in common: they encourage women and men regarding their self-confidence, presence and their trust in theirself.


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