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Escort service - good company for romantic hours

Escort transfer started about over 3000 years ago. In ancient Greece (primarily educated and wealthy) men were able to make use of the company of a female escort against payment - for example for the purpose of attending cultural events, trips or simple leisure activities.

Today, this company service is mostly known as the term escort and either is transferred by an agency or is offered on a private level by individual ladies and gentlemen (so-called escorts). Then and now the escort branch tried and tries hard to isolate itself from the usual street prostitution and from bordels. Instead, escorts are mainly ladies or gentlemen booked by women and men who set great value on a socially acceptable company with style, class and intellect. Therefore, escorts are not only booked for sexual service, but primarily also as a company for business or vacation trips, restaurant visits or social and cultural events. The target audience of well-known escort agencies comprises business people (male and female as well), managers, millionaires, politicians, celebrities, artists and also men or women of every social class; all of whom follow up the attraction of an adventure spending a day, an evening, a night or even several days in neutral, discrete and pleasant company.

Although every escort agency advertises by providing quality and complete discretion, there are significant differences one should pay attention to. Today the internet allows everyone to globally find all escort agencies at any time - and search results are almost endless. Therefore, it is worth one's while to compare and especially to pay attention to the design of these homepages, since if they appear trashy and dilettantish it won't be much different regarding the particular escort ladies and gentlemen employed. Also, it is recommended to browse through several forums in which customers tell about there experiences concerning different escort agencies.

Ladies and gentlemen who don't want to spend their time - structured or limited howsoever - alone and who generally set great value on discretion, nice conversation and non-binding sexual adventures are well-advised to contact an escort agency of high quality.


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