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Broken relationship, partner cheated - Who can help you now

When a relationship reached a point where there is nothing more to talk about without immediately starting to argue again or if the partner cheated and this has been revealed now there often is no other way out of this delicate situation. However, it possibly is not that easy to completely give up your partnership. Often it seems that there is no one to turn to in those apparently hopeless times. Your friends are busy and might also have stress in their relationship, they are single or even in a happy relationship so that you suspect to get no sympathy.
Family and neighbours shall believe that still everything is OK. Even in online forums there is nothing helpful to find, or it is simply too embarassing to talk about the fact that your relationship failed anyway. Principally, however, the shame and embarrassment of the cheater and the person cheated on as well is too much and the pride to look for help is seemingly insurmountable.

However, as difficult as this situation may seem this doesn't mean compulsively that the relationship, marriage or partnership ist destined to fail. There is always a way out or a way back to a happy partnership or, when there is definetely no more way forward then it must be possible to find a peaceful solution at least. The courage to be open and honest is the name of the game. The first step to the right direction is to admit your own mistakes. Then you can try to find alternatives to get out of this difficult situation and to turn to somebody who is tactful, experienced and trustful. In case if acquaintances, family and friends are no possibilities, nowadays there is a great number of competent contact persons who are spezializing exactly in this kind of problems. The range of specialists is as various as the kind of relationship problems: As we know, there are our well-known psychologists and therapists for each kind of depressive matters, there are marriage counsellors, couple therapists, life coaches and many others. The important thing is not to give up, since each crisis includes always a new chance.

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