Seitensprung und Fremdgehen

Love, sex and tenderness

In our modern society values like faithfulness, true love, romantic and interhuman relations get lost more and more. Everything is fast moving, shaped by overstimulation and by the efforts to achieve more efficiency and to gain more money. The invention of more words to describe the results of today's lifestyle increases, like "Burnout" or "Work-Life-Balance". This way of life and the impulse of always trying to keep up with everyone and everything have an unavoidable effect on our relationships. Couples seperate more quickly and more precipitative than 20 years ago; the aspiration for personal fulfilment gets stronger and the ability to have a well working conventional relationship or marriage gets lost partially.

Facing today's fast moving nature, many people desire more slowlyness and romantic togetherness. However, it is not always that easy to find love and tenderness when being single and even in marriages and partnerships in which romantic and passion got lost it isn't possible to conjure it again easily. Therefore, it can happen quickly that one partner cheats on the other due to the desire of feelings and attraction.
To avoid this, couples must talk sincerely about their needs; in many cases one person doesn't suspect that the counterpart is feeling in the same way. Arising distance in a partnership should always be examined and solved together to avoid putting the relationship at risk.

Even if both parts consider that there is nothing more to talk about or there is nothing more to discover together in a sexual way this could be a great mistake. In this case, perhaps, the right solution hasn't crossed their mind yet. These days couple therapists, relationship coaches and marriage counsellors can be found freuquently on the internet or in phone books and when there is no more alternative they surely are a recommendable contact point. Nevertheless, people could attempt to find a solution for themselves, what is often more obvious than actually assumed and might avoid premature seperation or cheating.

In the first instance we must learn to be content with what we have and to work on it at first before we compromise it or look for something new. It might be possible that - when thinking more about it and with more slowlyness - new passion and love might grow and seperations might be avoided.

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