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Love triangles and what makes their attraction?

The term "love triangle" describes a sexual or a love relationship between one and two other persons. There are two kinds of love triangles: one, in which each of the three persons involved knows about each other, in a way they have an open relationship; the alternative is a partnership between two persons in which one of the persons has a second partner or lover without the own partner knowing (Cheating).

There are many different causes why people decide to have a love triangle. Primarily it is the desire for something new and exciting. It mostly occurs when daily routine is coming into marriages or relationships and when even in bedroom there are no more satisfied and passionate feelings. According to their mutual agreement some couples choose threesome constellations and thus expect more variety and passion especially concerning their intimate private life.
So, long-cherished erotic dreams might come true as, for example, sex with two women/ men or bisexual experiences. Many people are able to act out this constellation contentendly on a permanent basis what might allow them to discover new sides of themselves and to live them out. For some couples a love triangle might enable improvements and experiences they desired, although not always permanently. The probability is too high of at least one of the partners getting jealous and suddenly realizing - against his / her former fantasy - that he / she cannot tolerate to permanently share his /her partner with another person. It might be also that he / she realizes that this love triangle does not fulfill the satisfaction desired and, after all, he / she is more content living in a monogamous relationship.

Men and women who get themselves into a love triangle for the purpose of cheating secretly often do this due to the compulsion to escape from their daily routine in their relationship, to feel new vitality and to live out something suppressed for what there is no place in their current relationship. Another impulse is also - like already mentioned in the bible - the attraction of tasting forbidden fruits since especially the forbidden inspires longing and passionate desire. The motivations of men regarding cheating are different to those of some women. While women seek self-fulfilment, emotional heat and safety in dating another man, men are searching for something to boost their ego as well as to get appreciation and they follow up their intuitive hunting instinct whereby feelings and love sometimes do not play any part or role. Thus, women often run the risk of falling in love with their lover what can be especially appealing ("I don't dare to fall in love with him!"). Whereas men, on the other hand, are rather able to seperate their affair (just sex) and their wife/ lifepartner (love, children and future).

The risk for cheaters getting caught or infidelities being discovered is omnipresent. Once the secret is revealed - whether kept short or long - the complete world of the person cheated on collapses. The only solution to solve this problem is mutually review, to be honest with oneself and with the partner; this might be a chance to recognize what was missing or what could not be lived out in this relationship, to be able to find a way to get together again.


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