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Seduction - The oldest guilty pleasure of the human kind

Desire and lust - everyone knows these feelings indeed. Desiring something so much that there is no more other thing to think about. Seeking something so much that life won't have anymore sense if it can't be obtained. This feeling is even increased when we desire objects, persons or situations which are absolutely incompatible with our conscience and discredit our moral, since they are socially taboo. The ultimate immoral temptation is the specific moment of seduction. If you give in to your desires at this moment then there is no way back.

The history of seduction has gone along with human kind since the beginning of the time. According to Christianity it started with Adam and Eva in Garden Eden. The bible says that the devil seduced Eva in form of a snake to get her to eat from the forbidden tree of cognition. She gave Adam something of the forbidden fruit whereas god banned both of them out of paradise. Since then, desire and addiction have been identified with something devilish and evil. We are raised to believe: If I follow seduction this will always have negative if not even devastating consequences. But, it is exactly this knowledge which seems to animate people's lust even more. The most known example is cheating: Today hardly one partnership exists in which at least one of both partners hasn't already thought about cheating on the other person or in which one of the partners has already crossed this line by devoting to seduction.

The attraction in crossing the line by means of seduction lies in the nature of human beings. Once upon a time our impulses like curiosity and the impulse of exploration helped us to survive and, therefore, our brain releases happiness hormones when we discover something new and when we escape out of our comfort zone. Thereby, the desire of something forbidden leads to a special high release. Everything we seemingly are not allowed to have has a specific and intense attraction. Desire often results from the feeling to miss something. This starts with strict diets, parental instructions like "Don't you dare to open this drawer ever!" right up to the betrayel of our life partner. Many anthropologists consider that cheating lies in the nature of all humans and that monogamy is a type of relationship created by society. Maybe this is the calling of our deepest instincts which tempt us to cross conventional lines again and again.

At this point the following ancient wisdom comes into play: "The grass is always greener on the other side". Everyone who has already reached the other side at least one time to explore the grass for it's attractivity should have recognized that this green is of no long continuance, too. However, despite every wisdom and scientific knowledge seduction is a phenomenon having accompanied human beings since the beginning of time.


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